Polish National Energy Conservation Agency Dataset

Polish National Energy Conservation Agency dataset used under CC-BY 4.0

A collection of parallel Polish-English texts extracted from the documents delivered by the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE). Sentence-level alignment of translation segments was carried out manually and encoded in the XLiFF format.

The collection features 10 documents (2598 translation units – TUs):
1. Description of energy book-keeping (05.xlf, 24 TUs)
2. Benchmarking and Energy management Schemes in SMEs (07.xlf, 53 TUs)
3. Appointment of Energy Coordinator and Energy Management Implementation Team (08.xlf, 105 TUs)
4. Light Energy Management Specification (10.xlf, 156 TUs)
5. Financial tools and guidelines (12.xlf, 82 TUs)
6. Outsourcing of energy supply and energy efficiency activities – energy contracting (13.xlf, 58 TUs)
7. Work Programme 2007 (17.xlf, 1331 TUs)
8. Country Report on Recommendations for Action for Development of EPC Markets (18.xlf, 172 TUs)
9. Financial guidelines for co-ordinators and co-beneficiaries (19.xlf, 179 TUs)
10. Grant agreement for an action (20.xlf, 438 TUs)