PKN Orlen Dataset

PKN Orlen Dataset was created for the European Language Resources Coordination Action (ELRC) ( by Ogrodniczuk Maciej, Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences with primary data copyrighted by PKN Orlen and is licensed under "CC-BY 4.0" (

Dataset of the Polish public sector company PKN Orlen, a major Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer. The dataset comprises 4 Polish-English files in XLIFF format, 100K word tokens in total:
1. Orlen Annual Report 2015
2. Gas (R)evolution in Poland
3. Orlen Shale Gas Report
4. European Energy Union
The texts were aligned semi-automatically at the level of translation segments (mostly sentences and short paragraphs) and manually verified. They are available in the XLiFF format, which preserves the original order of the aligned segments.

DSI Relevance: BusinessRegistersInterconnectionSystem