Parallel Global Voices (Greek - Spanish)


Parallel Global Voices (Greek - Spanish) was created for the European Language Resources Coordination Action (ELRC) ( by researchers at the NLP group of the Institute for Language and Speech Processing ( with primary data copyrighted by Parallel Global Voices ( and is licensed under "CC-BY 3.0" (


Parallel Global Voices EL-ES is a parallel corpus generated from the Global Voices multilingual group of websites (, where volunteers publish and translate news stories in more than 40 languages. The original content from the Global Voices websites is available by the authors and publishers under a Creative Commons Attribution license. The original content was crawled in 2015-2016 and web documents were exported to XML by researchers at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing ( Crawled documents that were translations of each other were paired on the basis of their link information. After document pairing, sentence alignments were generated with the hunalign sentence aligner. This dataset contains one tmx file with alignments from 3161 el-es document pairs.

DSI Relevance: Europeana