ELG API for IceParser - Shallow parser

The underlying toolkit is icenlp-web by Hrafn Loftsson, which is licensed under this Apache License 2.0. Code from a the icenlp-elg branch in the original GitHub repository for the tool is used when the docker image is built.



ELG API for IceParser, a shallow parser for Icelandic, which is a part of the IceNLP toolkit. The ELG API is a branch of icenlp-web, which is licensed under this Apache License 2.0 (https://github.com/hrafnl/icenlp-web/blob/master/LICENSE).

IceParser is a shallow parser for parsing Icelandic text. Input to the parser is POS tagged text and it generates output according to a shallow syntactic annotation scheme. The parser consists of a phrase structure module and a syntactic functions module. Both modules comprise a sequence of finite-state transducers, each of which adds syntactic information into substrings of the input text. See https://dspace.ut.ee/handle/10062/2563.

Input is expected to be alternating words and POS tags (as produced by an Icelandic POS tagger) separated by white space, i.e.

word1 tag1 word2 tag2 ...