TECo - Texto Em Contexto


The original work of this tool is: Mendes, R., & Oliveira, H. G. (2020). TECo: Exploring Word Embeddings for Text Adaptation to a given Context. In ICCC (pp. 185-188). Mendes, R., & Oliveira, H. G. (2020, December). Amplifying the Range of News Stories with Creativity: Methods and their Evaluation, in Portuguese. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Natural Language Generation (pp. 252-262). https://github.com/NLP-CISUC/TECo

This system aims to, given a short-text input, adapt and select Portuguese expressions (e.g., proverbs and movie titles) in order to approximate them to the input, enhancing relatedness, originality and, possibly, funniness.