Budget Belgium

This resource contains a translation memory (TMX) of the budget of Belgium in Dutch and French. It is based on the report of the 2018 budget and contains very relevant terminology. The donated resource contains 6 files:
(1) begroting.tmx (= the aligned TMX)
(2) Publicatie van de Algemene Uitgavenbegroting aangepaste 2018.xlsx (= the original file, also available online through Belgium's open data portal)
(3) + (4) begroting_omschrijving_NL.txt and begroting_omschrijving_FR.txt (= the short descriptions of budget items in Dutch and French, with the same items per line)
(5) + (6) begroting_lange_omschrijving_NL.txt and begroting_lange_omschrijving_FR.txt (= same as 3 & 4, but longer descriptions for the same items, also aligned).