ParaCrawl release 9 English-Italian - deferred files

ParaCrawl 9 en-it

This file contains URLs and hashes of text to form a parallel corpus but not the sentences itself. You probably want the actual parallel data; see the version without "deferred files" in the title. To reconstruct a parallel corpus, use the deferred crawling tool at which will download pages and produce a corpus, which is probably smaller due to link rot. This format is intended to support parties whose lawyers believe it is ok to scrape websites directly but not ok to copy them from a third party. Based on English-Italian parallel from release 9 of the ParaCrawl project, specifically "Continued Web-Scale Provision of Parallel Corpora for European Languages". This version is filtered with BiCleaner AI. Data was crawled from the web following robots.txt, as is standard practice. The crawl is not targeted to a particular domain, intending to provide broad coverage.

DSI Relevance: BusinessRegistersInterconnectionSystem, Cybersecurity, ElectronicExchangeOfSocialSecurityInformation, Europeana, OnlineDisputeResolution, OpenDataPortal, eHealth, eJustice, eProcurement, saferInternet