Illinois NLP Curator

The Curator is a NLP component management system designed to simplify the use and aggregation of NLP components such as part of speech taggers, named entity taggers, semantic role labelers, and syntactic parsers for use by other applications -- including satisfying dependencies of these same NLP components. Curator was developed in a Linux environment; to use it on a Windows system presently requires it to be installed on a virtual machine. Group members and other people at the University of Illinois with an Active Directory login can try out the web demo.

Curator's installation process installs a number of NLP components that are then available for use via the Curator's main service:
- Illinois sentence splitter/tokenizer
- Illinois Part of Speech tagger
- Illinois Chunker
- Illinois Named Entity Recognizer (extended and original tag sets)
- Charniak Syntactic Parser
- Stanford Parser
- Illinois Semantic Role Labeler
- Illinois Wikifier