Glossaries created for "AAA Offresi" project

The glossary has been realized within the project "Ascolto (Listening),
Accoglienza (Hospitality), Azioni (Actions) OFFRESI (AAA OFFRESI) ", funded by European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals (EIF) - Ministry of the Interior. The languages in which the glossary was translated are: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian. The glossary has been realized by ILC - CNR, U.O.S. Genoa and It contains about 423 inputs that can vary depending on the language.
The glossary has two main purposes: first, provide support at a national of a third country, in the compilation of forms of demographic services of the Municipality of Genoa; the second, facilitate the front office of demographic services in communication with the user.

Type: Glossaries.
Lang: SPA - ITA
Type file: TMX