EU term base from the MFA

This term base is the result of work carried out by the EEA Translation Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department for European Affairs and International Trade. The contents of the database is described in the documentation file (pdf).

Out of a total of 42.141 terms, 5.313 terms have been translated to both Bokmål and Nynorsk, 3.855 to Nynorsk only, and 32.972 to Bokmål only. There are not equivalents in both French and English for all terms. This gives the following number of terms per language:
- French (fra), 41.578
- English (eng), 41.704
- Bokmål (nob), 38.285
- Nynorsk (nno), 9.168

The Language Bank has converted the data to a simple csv format. The data are structured into five fields per term, "domain,fra,eng,nob,nno", where "domain" indicates the subject area the term applies to, while the others are language codes. Empty fields (missing equivalents) are marked with a hyphen ( - ).
The material have been set in a valid XML, properly encoded and lightly proofread. No advanced processing has been performed and the resources is shared as-is.

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