e-magyar.hu Digital Language Processing Toolchain


The toolchain e-magyar.hu contains the basic tools for an automated processing of Hungarian in an integrated and standardised framework. We are offering tools that can prove useful both on their own and as a toolchain for researchers, developers of intelligent applications, and for the wide public, as well. These tools provide an indispensable infrastructure for the digital processing of Hungarian, for the support of digital language use in Hungarian.
e-magyar.hu was developed with the support of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, within the framework of an infrastructure improvement grant starting in 2015. The development was carried out in wide cooperation of several major Hungarian R&D centres, under the leadership of the Research Institute for Linguistics. The new infrastructure improved, standardised and integrated the existing tools that had been developed in these centres.
The infrastructure has two distinct components. One of them processes written texts, the other aids speech processing with a speech-database and speech analysing modules.

Partner institutes:

Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS
AITIA International Inc.
University of Szeged
Institute for Computer Science and Control, HAS
Pázmány Péter Catholic University
Morphologic Ltd.

Languages: Hungarian (hu),