Coronavirus and the Law in Poland (Processed)

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Koronawirus a prawo (Processed)

Jarzyński, Witold and Gołębiewska, Kinga (Eds.) (2020), Raport KORONAWIRUS A PRAWO, Warsaw, Must Read Media. The IURIDICO team of professional translators have provided a voluntary translation of the report from Polish into English.

EN-PL dataset in TMX format (4428 TUs) extracted from the Reports in English and Polish on the legal consequences of the coronavirus epidemic in Poland.
First, text extraction from PDF was applied. Then, custom scripts were developed and applied with the aim of keeping the proper layout (i.e. merge text of a paragraph that was spread in two pages). Multilingual embedding were used to identify pairs of parallel sentences/segments. Finally, methods of parallel corpus filtering were applied to remove duplicates of translation units of limited or no use.

DSI Relevance: eJustice